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5 Steps to Get Your Pool Ready for Fall

5 Steps to Get Your Pool Ready for Fall

With the leaves beginning to change and the temperature starting to drop, pool season is sadly coming to an end. It is important to properly get your pool ready for the off season. Proper maintenance now will make things go a lot smoother when you open your pool back up for the spring. Here are 5 simple steps to get your pool ready for fall.

How to Get Your Pool Ready for Fall

1. Close Your Pool at the Right Time

Depending on what region you live in, there are typically still going to be a few days in the fall that will be warm enough to enjoy extra pool time. You also do not want to close your pool too early because that will cause algae to grow in your pool during the off months. The perfect time to get your pool ready for fall is when the weather is consistently around 65 degrees. This is one of the most important steps in making sure things are easier on you when you open your pool in the spring.

2. Deep Cleaning

This is the time where you will want to put the most effort into cleaning your pool. That means cleaning everything! Start by cleaning the surroundings of the pool by putting away all the pool toys and equipment. Then, you will want to get to the actual pool. You can start by skimming the surface, then brushing the walls and finishing it by vacuuming the pool. Once again, the more effort you put into it now will make it that much easier on you when you open your pool back up in the spring.

3. Test the Pool Water

Along with closing your pool when the temperature is right, you want to make sure the pH levels are balanced as well. You want your levels to be between 7.4 and 7.6. Once the levels are correct, you can add the winterizing chemicals that include chlorine, chlorine shock, and winter algaecide. The chlorine should be added 5 to 7 days before you close the pool, and the winter algaecide should be added right before you cover the pool.

4. Store Pool Filter & Pump

Right before covering the pool, you should drain and remove the pump and all the hoses. If you store it during the fall and winter months, it will help the equipment to be in better condition and last longer. You will also want to clean and remove the pool filter and store it with the pump and hoses if possible. This will also be the time, if you choose, to lower your water levels. It is not necessary to empty the pool water but lowering it a few inches can help especially if you have tile on the sides of your pool.

5. Cover the Pool

Lastly, you will cover your pool. Pool covers are the number one way to prevent any harm to your pool during the fall and winter months. Be sure to check your pool cover to make sure there are no holes. Your pool cover is meant to keep junk and leaves out of your pool so make sure to have it securely secured around your pool.

Until Next Season

It can be a sad time knowing that pool season is over, but it is important to get your pool properly maintained to be safely stored away for the next several months. The more work you put into it now, the sweeter it will be when pool season comes back around. It will be here before you know it, so don’t make any short cuts or you will regret it when you are cleaning out a nasty pool rather than relaxing next to your crystal-clear pool. These 5 simple steps to get your pool ready for the fall will pay off before you know it when spring rolls back around.

If you do not have a pool, now is the perfect time to get one going. At Aspen Pool Company, we can build your dream pool during the off season, so you are ready to enjoy the hot summer days next to your brand-new pool. Don’t wait, call us today!

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