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Questions to Ask When Building a Pool

7 Most Important Questions to Ask When Building a Pool

The most important part in building a pool is the preparation phase. Building your dream pool comes with a lot of planning and important decisions. A pool architect will walk you through the design process, but it is a smart idea to have a general plan of what you want. Do you know what questions to ask when building a pool?

Building a pool isn’t something that should be rushed. For that reason, taking your time to properly plan what you want will make you much happier in the end. Here are a few things you should ask yourself.

The Biggest Questions to Ask When Building a Pool

1. Why Do I Want a Swimming Pool?

First things first, you want to ask yourself why you want a swimming pool. In other words, what are you mostly going to be using it for? Do you want a place to relax and cool off? Or do you want a place to host weekly barbeques with your friends? These are important questions because pools can look very different to serve different purposes. This can also help you determine what size pool you want.

2. Is My Yard Suitable for a Pool?

Now, thinking about what you want to use your pool for, you need to ask yourself if your backyard is fit for that kind of pool. If it isn’t you should probably have a backup plan in mind. When talking to your architect or builder, they can help you find a proper layout for what you are wanting. You might also consider if you need to get rid of any obstacles in your backyard, such as trees.

3. What Shape & Style Will the Pool Be?

This question will heavily rely on the answers to the previous two questions. You also want to think about what would complement the layout of your home and backyard. Your pool builder will come in handy in this situation as well.

4. What Materials Do I Want to Use?

Concrete and fiberglass have been the most common materials used for pools for quite some time. But, which are you going to use? Are there any other options? Ask your builder what they provide. And what do you want to use for the surround? It’s a good idea to do some research on this question. Look at all the different materials and examples of other pools.

5. Are There Any Special Features I Want to Add?

There are many features to pick from when building your dream pool. There are aesthetic features such as waterfalls, fountains, light features, fire features, etc. Then there are other features such as kitchen, slides, benches, gazebos, and much more! Think about what you most want to use your pool for and go from there. If it’s for entertainment, you might think about adding a kitchen. If you’re looking more for relaxation, a nice waterfall might be more suitable for you.

6. What is My Budget?

Depending on your individual circumstances this question can drastically vary. Some people will have a set budget and there will be no going over it. Others can have a more flexible budget in hopes of getting everything they want.

7. Which Pool Builder Am I Going to Use?

It is important to pick a trustworthy and reliable pool builder. Look at their previous work and what other customers have said to get an idea of who to work with.

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Now you know what questions to ask when building a pool! Don’t forget: Aspen Pool Company is ready to help you build your dream pool in the greater Houston, TX area.

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