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Aspen Pool Best Time to Open a Pool

When is the Best Time to Open Your Pool?

With the promise of spring and hints that cold weather will be coming to an end, you’re probably itching to break out your swimming pool. And, if you’re anything like us, waiting until the best time to open your pool back up is hard. Don’t worry! The time is almost here.

When is the Best Time to Open Your Pool? 

Depending on weather conditions, opening your pool in March or April is a good idea in our part of Texas. If you find yourself opening your pool in either May or June, it’s probably too late. As the weather gets increasingly warmer, algae will begin to grow – causing a more difficult swimming pool opening process.

The general rule to go by is when the weather consistently stays in the 70s. At that point, you can begin to open the pool back up. Algae begins to grow in water that is 65 degrees and warmer. For that reason, you can get a head start on the process. However, if you wait, you’ll open your pool to a green pool instead of a clean pool. Because of possible algae, you’re also going to want to open your pool a couple of weeks before you plan on using it. Proper opening and circulation is important before you first use your swimming pool.

What Should You Expect When Opening? 

You can also run into another problem in the spring. That would be pollen. Even if your pool is covered, pollen can still get in and start to build up. This will also lead to an even longer pool opening process. With your pool open and circulating, the skimmer will pull the pollen in and the filter will catch it.

However, you might think that opening later will save you money. That’s understandable. However, you should consider that you’ll be spending just as much if you wait longer and open it up late. When you compare the expense of both options, they pretty much even out. You can also run the risk of pool companies already being booked up, and the right pool cleaner being impossible to find promptly.

Go Ahead – Plan to Open on Time! 

The standard protocol is that pool season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. However, opening up your pool a little earlier isn’t going to be harmful. Why not take advantage of your investment and get as much use out of it as possible? Now that you know the best time to open your pool, it’s time to act!

For help opening your pool and keeping it clean throughout the season, call us today! Aspen Pool Company is the Houston area’s first choice for pool maintenance and installation.

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