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How to Keep Your Pool Clean Through Houston’s Heavy Pollen Season

How to Keep Your Pool Clean Through Houston’s Heavy Pollen Season

Welcome to pollen season, friends! While blooming trees and flowers are pretty to admire, released pollen creates discomfort for allergy sufferers (we can’t stop sneezing!) and challenges for Houston pool owners in the springtime.

Below we detail what pollen is, why it is bad for your pool, and how you (or our team if we maintain your pool 😉) can remove it from your pool to keep your pool clean throughout the pollen season. Aspen Pool Company’s Houston pool services are designed to tackle these very challenges, ensuring your pool remains a pristine oasis.

What is Pollen and How Can You Tell If It's In My Pool?

Pollen is the microscopic cells of flowering plants (grass, trees, and weeds) which typically is a yellow or white powdery substance. When pollen is released into the air, it can be carried by the wind into your pools, often turning the water cloudy and creating a layer of debris on the pool's surface. Not only is pollen accumulation visible and unsightly, but it can negatively affect water quality, clog filters, reduce water circulation, and contribute to algae growth. This is where Houston pool maintenance becomes essential.

How Do I Remove Pollen From My Pool?

Here are some effective strategies for dealing with pollen in your pool (or let us take this hassle off your hands!):

  1. Skim your pool regularly (preferably once or twice a day) using a mesh net skimmer. Pass it over the water's surface, collecting as much pollen with each stroke to prevent the debris from sinking. This simple act is a cornerstone of Houston pool cleaning practices.
  2. Run your filter system and consider additional filter cleans. Run your filter for longer periods during pollen season to capture and remove pollen particles. Consider increasing the frequency of filter cleanings to ensure optimal performance. Effective Houston pool services include professional filter cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Brush pool walls and floor. Regularly brushing the walls and floor of your pool can prevent pollen particles from settling and accumulating on surfaces. This is a vital part of Houston pool maintenance to keep your pool in top shape.
  4. Shock your pool if the prior steps do not work. Shocking your pool may be particularly useful if your pool is surrounded by large trees that shed a lot of pollen. Shocking your pool can help oxidize pool contaminants (including pollen) and help restore water clarity. Sometimes, Houston pool repair and maintenance requires such intensive treatments to ensure the health and cleanliness of your pool.

Let Us Do Your Houston Pool Maintenance & Handle All Your Pollen Issues For You!

Combating pesky pollen is a major effort! Routine pool maintenance services, including Houston pool cleaning and Houston pool repair, are vital to keep your pool performing at its best. Aspen Pool Company’s experienced team provides these services to ensure that your pool remains clean and enjoyable throughout the pollen season (and year-round)! Don't let pollen dampen your pool experience - leave it to us to handle so you can enjoy your beautiful pool! Our Houston pool maintenance services are specifically designed to combat the challenges of Houston’s heavy pollen season.

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