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Aspen Pool Must-do Winter Pool Care Tasks

4 Must-do Winter Pool Care Tasks

With winter weather, often pools can be “out of sight, out of mind.” However, just because you’re not swimming doesn’t mean your pool doesn’t need care. You need to know the winter pool care tasks you must do – so your pool is ready to rock in the summer.

For that reason, proper pool maintenance matters all year round. It’s also important to stay consistent to prevent algae, corrosion, and other buildup. There’s nothing that provokes regret like pulling the cover off your pool in the spring to find a nasty scene.

4 Essential Winter Pool Care Tasks

We’re writing this article with the assumption that you’ve already winterized your pool. Most pool owners choose this option rather than trying to keep the pool running all winter. There’s a lot of risk associated with a non-winterized pool. Winterization helps keep pool water clean, keeps health risks at bay, and keeps your expensive equipment safe. Keep reading for our top 4 winter pool care tasks.

1. Prevent the System from Freezing

This goes without saying. Leaving water in the pipes leads to cracks when temperatures plummet. We’ll assume you drained the system earlier in the fall.

2. Keep the Pool Cover Dry

Here’s why: if you allow water to build up on the cover, it’ll become stagnant and dirty. Then, if it freezes, it will trap all that stagnation and debris. Finally, when spring arrives, that water will melt – and run down into the pool water when you remove the cover. For that reason, keep the pool cover tight to minimize water accumulation. Also, remove all debris on a weekly basis. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble come spring.

3. Check the Pool at Regular Intervals

You may already have a checklist for your home’s winter maintenance tasks. Now, add a monthly check of the water level in your pool. Your goal is to spot leaks quickly if any develop. In addition, for above-ground pools, check the cover every so often to keep it tight. A good strategy to keep debris from falling in and make sure the cover can shed water well is to place an air cushion atop the water beneath the cover.

4. Open Early

A closed pool allows unwanted bacteria and algae to grow and flourish. For that reason, open as soon as you can! Don’t wait for swimming temps to arrive. In addition to getting a jump start on algae control, opening your pool early saves time when you’re ready to jump in. You want your first swimming weekend to be hassle-free, right?

Call Aspen Pool Company for Professional Pool Cleaning Service

In order to cut down on your winter pool care tasks and know the job’s done right, trust the professionals at Aspen Pool Company. Our experienced technicians can balance the chemicals in your pool water, and also work to prevent stains from debris buildup. Contact us today to learn more or click here to get a free estimate!

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