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Aspen Pool 7 Valuable Water Saving Tips for Your Pool

7 Valuable Water Saving Tips for Your Pool

Conserving water is a crucial part in protecting our environment, especially if you live in an area where droughts are more common. It will also have your water bill going up quite a bit. Swimming pools are a great place to relax and have fun but can waste a lot of water. Here are 7 water saving tips for your pool to help you conserve as much water as possible.

Water Saving Tips for Your Pool

1. Use a Pool Cover

On average, an uncovered pool loses about an inch of water per week during the summertime due to evaporation. A pool cover will reduce evaporation by 90-95%. This can add up to thousands of gallons of water lost yearly. A pool cover also is beneficial for reducing algae, conserving heat, and can reduce the need for pool chemicals.

2. Lower the Pool Temperature

Similar to the first tip, warmer water will evaporate much quicker than cooler water. Keeping the temperature low will help conserve water. Installing a pool cooling pump is a great way to help lower the temperatures.

3. Be Careful Not to Overfill the Pool

Keeping lower water levels for your pool will save water just in itself. It also helps conserve water because it will prevent water loss from splashing, kicking, and other pool activities.

4. Backwash Pool Filter when Necessary

Backwashing the pool filter will result in the use of extra water. If it is done too frequently it can also lead to the pool filter not being as effective.

5. Keep Pool Clean & Water Healthy

Keeping a clean pool will help keep the filter from getting dirty so quickly, which will lead to less of a need to backwash the filter. Also, keeping the water chemistry balanced is one of the most important steps in pool maintenance. A dirty pool can lead to the growth of algae and other contaminants.

6. Shut Off Fountains & Waterfalls

Pool add-ons such as fountains and waterfalls can be a beautiful feature to your pool, but they can run up your water use. It can save a lot of water and money if you only use them when you are entertaining guests.

7. Monitor Your Water Bill

If you notice a major spike in your water bill, that could mean there is a possible leak in your pool. You’ll want to get that checked out as soon as possible before it leads to serious damage.

Call Aspen Pool Company

You are already investing a lot of money in a pool. Making sure you are conserving water can help reduce your monthly water bill. If you are in a region where it is a priority to conserve water, you should keep these tips in mind. However, if you are not in a region that goes through droughts, it is still good to practice these tips to help preserve the environment in any way possible. If you need assistance in adding water saving equipment (cooling pump) or for weekly pool maintenance, give Aspen Pool Company a call. We’ll gladly help.

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