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What Are the Phases of Inground Pool Installation?

Having an inground pool installed in your home not only promises endless hours of amusement, but also adds substantial value to your property. Whether you’re planning an outdoor pool to escape the hot Houston afternoons or creating a playful haven for your children, it pays to know the phases of inground pool installation beforehand. That way, you’ll know what to expect.

Phases of Inground Pool Installation

1. Site Design & Preparation

First, you’ll need to collaborate with Aspen Pool Company. We will design the pool’s size, shape, and special features while considering other factors. These include your backyard’s landscape and your specific preferences.

Once the design is approved and permits have been secured, it’s time to prepare the site. The pool site is cleared of any debris, vegetation, or obstacles that could impede the construction process. The ground is also evaluated and leveled to establish a stable foundation for the pool.

2. Site Excavation

Once the site has been cleared, it’s time to dig! Heavy machinery is used to excavate the designated pool area. This creates a hole a little larger than the precise dimensions that are outlined in the pool design.

3. Frame Installation

With the pool site now defined, the construction team moves on to framing and reinforcement. A sturdy rebar framework is laid to outline the pool’s structure. This framework will reinforce the pool’s walls and floor, ensuring the stability and durability of the pool for the long-term.

4. Plumbing Installation & Electrical Wiring

Installing the plumbing system includes laying down pipes for water circulation, filtration, and any other special features you want in your pool. The electrical wiring involves all the connections needed for the pool lights, pumps, and other electrical components.

5. Gunite or Shotcrete Application

Gunite or Shotcrete is applied to help form the pool’s structure. This special mixture is sprayed onto the pool area, forming a sturdy layer that becomes the pool shell. Skilled workers shape this layer to precisely match the design you’ve planned for your pool.

6. Tile & Coping Installation

The next phase is the tile and coping installation. Tiles are placed along the waterline, and coping is set around the pool’s edge. This step goes beyond just improving the pool’s appearance. It also adds to the pool’s overall strength and resilience.

7. Pool Decking

Creating the pool deck is also another significant step in the process that aims to seamlessly blend with the pool and establish a functional, visually pleasing outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. The deck is not merely a structural element. It is a key feature designed to enhance your overall pool experience.

8. Filling the Pool With Water

As construction concludes, the pool is filled with water. The pool team will then create the perfect swimming environment by balancing the water chemistry. To do that, we add appropriate amounts of the chemicals needed to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

As you can see, there are many steps involved in constructing your dream inground pool. This is why it is important that you have a skilled and reliable pool contractor by your side. Your dream pool is just one click or one call away. Call us at (281) 767-6677 for a personalized consultation and take the first plunge towards creating your perfect outdoor oasis!

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